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Criticism of ‘Lightyear’, the origin of Buzz

Pixar premieres the story of Andy’s favorite toy in ‘Toy Story’.

    Pixar has been fighting with itself for years, so high has it set the bar, and return, although without returning, to the universe toy story It was a counterproductive double-edged sword. But the truth is that, voluntarily removed from the fan service (no one expects a cameo from Mr. Potato), and away from the conceptual audacity of other titles of the house (the obvious Soul either Reverse, but also, in its own way, the marvelous tetralogy that inspires it), the power of Lightyear It results from their joyful commitment to the most traditional adventure, from the love that is breathed towards the most referential science fiction, and, of course, in that they are unsurpassed, from their wise balance with the hilarious, the tender and the dramatic. In Pixar’s hands, any attempt to follow pre-established formulas (can Buzz’s hatred of autopilot be quite a statement of intent in this regard?) is cleverly disguised as wonder and innovation.

    Lightyear she knows, and stands up, a friend of an undisguised narrative classicism from her very starting point: in a kind of meta wink, this is Andy’s favorite movie, that boy who asked for a toy inspired by the movie character that made him dream of interstellar travel; after all, in some way, we are spiritually facing a film from the 90s: the fast-paced prologue, with two, or three, space guardians facing an unexpected danger, lays the foundation for what we will see. The delicate first act adds dramatic conflict: this is where the idiocy, and the intolerance, of the homophobic reactions to the vaunted lesbian kiss scene (which, to be honest, would never have appeared in the movie that Andy fell in love with in the 90s) could divert attention from what is a beautiful tribute to oops, tempus fugit and tear through. Then it will be the turn to vibrate with the obsessive mission of the intrepid Buzz Lightyear, determined to fulfill his destiny? (a space ranger always completes his missions) while managing his own emotional quarrels, surrounded by impossible helpers, who replace his clumsiness with courage and heart, and who will teach our hero to accept his limitations and play as a team.

    Full of delicious comic details (that determination of the protagonist to narrate an on-board diary that no one will ever listen to, that revolutionary recipe for the sandwiches of the future that Ferran Adrià would envy), it is impossible to talk about Lightyear without surrendering to Sox, a cat-like emotional support robot that even accompanies you to sleep with white noise that fixes you with a crystalline fuel, essential to achieve hyperspeed. The presence of this cybernetic feline with enormous eyes, a born scene-stealer as charismatic as Baby Yoda himself, provokes in this chronicler an irrepressible impulse to ask for it, as Andy did with Buzz, in a toy version.

    Directed by Angus MacLane (if you can, recover his previous forays into the universe at hand, in the short films Toy Story Horror! Y Big Little Buzz, with its delirious therapy of discarded children’s menu gift toys), the film has a stellar, tremendous score by Michael Giacchino, seamless animation, and abundant looks at classics, and not so classics, sci-fi (of Alien, the Eighth Passenger a Mars, of Starship Troopers a interstellar or, of course, to StarWars). Probably Lightyear It doesn’t go beyond infinity, it doesn’t even pretend to go that far, but the journey it invites us to is much more than satisfying.

    For those who have not lost their taste for the most classic adventure, to infinity and beyond

    The best: how fast-paced it is, the appearance in our lives of the irresistible Sox (I need the doll) and the beautiful sequence in the first act of the film, which inevitably reminds Up.

    The worst: that it compares with the roundest, perfect, tetralogy that originates the film.


    Address: Angus McLane Country: USA Year: 2022 Release date: 06-17-2022 Gender: Animation Script: Jason Headley, Angus MacLane, Matthew Aldrich. Character: John Lasseter, Pete Docter, Andrew Stanton, Joe Ranft Duration: 100 minutes

    Synopsis: The definitive origin story of Buzz Lightyear, the hero who inspired the toy. The film tells what happens to the legendary Space Guardian after he is trapped on a hostile planet 4.2 million light years from Earth along with his commander and his crew. Buzz tries to find a way to get back home through space and time and to do so he will have a group of ambitious recruits and Sox, his charming robot cat. But the arrival of Zurg, an imposing presence with a ruthless robot army and mysterious hidden plans, further complicates matters and puts the mission in jeopardy.

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