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Criticism of ‘Moneyboys’, the first film by CB Yi, Haneke’s student

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The film tells the story of a young man from rural China who migrates to the city to earn a living as a hustler.

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    The most outstanding feature of ‘Moneyboys’ is aesthetic: extremely elegant staging, beautiful framing, a splendid treatment of space and details, and a formidable use of scope reminiscent of Nicholas Ray and catches, scrutinizes and squeezes to the marrow of the main character, a melancholic, uprooted and lonely young man who could also be part of the fauna of the author of ‘Rebel without a cause’ (1955). Fei, which is the subject’s name, lives from prostitution and helps his family with the money he earns, who, ungrateful, despise him for being homosexual, as we will see in the rural interlude.

    Newcomer CB Yi has a natural talent for shared table scenes (between family or friends): long, intense, believable, filmed in one take. A secondary character, who arrives from the town to the big city, grows in prominence and becomes the Sal Mineo of the story. history that is also that of a love violently interrupted in the prologue and rediscovered, too late, at the end, and whose sentimental force is worthy of the great classic melodramas.

    For the enthusiastic public of melodramas with a classic stamp

    The best: its brilliant visual formulation.

    The worst: it is sometimes difficult to understand (and/or share) the behavior of the main character.


    Address: CB Yi Distribution: Kai Ko, Jc Lin, Bai Yufan, Zeng Meihuizi Country: Austria, Belgium, France, Taiwan Year: 2021 Release date: 8–07-2022 Gender: Drama Script: CB Yi Duration: 118 minutes

    Synopsis: Fei makes a living in the big city by working as a prostitute. Her world comes crashing down when she realizes that her family accepts her money but not her lifestyle or her homosexuality. Heartbroken, Fei struggles to start a new life.

    Source: Fotogramas

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