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Criticism of ‘Between life and death’, the European debut of Antonio de la Torre

The actor makes a leap towards European international cinema with this dark thriller in the best tradition of French polar.

    It is curious that the greatest attraction of this dramatic thriller lies in its direction, elegant and dynamic, but without overwhelming, when its director, Giordano Gederlini, almost a novice in these matters, owes his prestige to his activity as a screenwriter of titles such as ‘ Les miserables’ (Ladj Ly, 2019) and that toy hitchcockian which was ‘Maternal Instinct’ (Olivier Masset-Depasse, 2018). Always, yes, within the variants of the police.

    The plot is attractive and well plotted. Gederlini creates atmosphere, in the best polar tradition, with a cascade of unexpected twists, but it becomes excessively complicated, and leaves some loose ends. The protagonist, a tough guy, of few words, resolute and with a past to discover, it fits like a glove to an Antonio de la Torre who embroiders it. He is supported by a solid cast, something that is taken for granted in a production with a Gallic stamp. There is no shortage of classics of the genre, such as the police squad with its conflicts. The novelty is provided by the Belgian urban and rural landscape.

    For the public that misses French film noir

    The worst: the sensationalism of the sequences that lead to the outcome.


    Address: Giordano Gederlini Distribution: Antonio de la Torre, Marine Vacth, Olivier Gourmet Country: Belgium, France, Spain Year: 2022 Release date: 07-14-2022 Gender: thriller Script: Giordano Gederlini Duration: 100 minutes

    Synopsis: Leo Castaneda (Antonio de la Torre) is a Spaniard living in Brussels who works as a subway driver. One night he witnesses the suicide of Hugo, his son, of whom he had not known anything for more than two years. After what happened, Leo begins to investigate the causes of his death and discovers that he was involved in a robbery. The search for answers will lead him on a dangerous investigation and face his own past.

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