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Criticism of ‘The last film’, Golden Spike at the Seminci

Tribute to cinema and childhood directed by the Indian Pan Nalin.

It would be easy (and limited) to define this sweet film as an exotic ‘Cinema Paradiso’. Because Pan Nalin’s proposal is more ethereal and ambitious. The director acts as a kind of shaman, a Don Juan de Castaneda in hell, who intends capture the voices and lights of countless filmmakers in order to gloss over the idea of ​​cinema as refuge, encouragement, drug and vocation. The set has its weaknesses (the family portrait), but it caresses the fiber of the viewer, moving him to childhood, the only homeland of man in the words of Rilke.

There is in ‘The Last Movie’ a superb passage that, in the same way that Sam Peckinpah in ‘The Ballad of Cable Hogue’ (1970) showed the arrival of civilization, warning of the danger of technological comfort as a substitute for intimate experience. But, finally, the light breaks through and his film triumphs outlining the illogical reason why so many children would want, one day, to drown in celluloid reels. And through that trompe l’oeil we learned to walk, to dream living and to live dreaming.

To understand the power of cinema as balm and poison

The worst: an epilogue typical of a Coca-Cola ad.


Direction: nalin bread Distribution: Richa Meena, Rahul Koli, Dipen Raval, Bhavin Rabari, Vijay Mer, Tia Sebastian, Kishan Parmar Original title: Last Film Show Country: India Year: 2021 Release date: 03-18-2022 Gender: Drama Script: nalin bread Duration: 102 minutes

Synopsis: Samay, a 9-year-old boy who lives with his family in a remote village in India, discovers cinema for the first time and is absolutely mesmerized. Against his father’s wishes, he returns to the cinema day after day and befriends the projectionist who, in exchange for his food, lets him watch movies for free. He quickly realizes that stories turn into light, light into movies, and movies into dreams. Infected by emotion, Samay and his restless gang investigate tirelessly to try to capture the light and project it to see 35mm movies. Together, they use an innovative trick and succeed in making a projection device. However, chasing your dreams often means leaving behind the things you love.

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