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Review of ‘Spring Breakers’

Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel Korine and Ashley Benson go on a wild spring break with James Franco in Harmony Korine’s movie.

    ‘Spring Breakers’ does not want to ridicule the vulgarity of university parties watered with sex, drugs and alcohol, but rather to celebrate its aesthetic rigor. Post-adolescence bodies are transformed into shiny surfaces bathed in acid colors, fragmented by the repetitive editing of a gaze that observes them as an artistic installation, as a special effect that has value in itself, the junk shop as a new pop-art object . It is a question, then, of understanding how close the program ‘Jersey Shore’ is to ‘Trash Humpers’ (Harmony Korine, 2009); Disney Channel of the Playboy Channel; fairy tales from reality shows; or the ‘American Idol’ contest of Derridian deconstruction.

    So that each one reaches their own conclusions, Korine decides to use Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens as Jean-Luc Godard used Jane Fonda in ‘Everything is going well’ (1972): as signs that the film reverts in his favor and in his favor. against, signs that can be criticized or reevaluated, signs that he seems to parody but for which, in a matter of minutes, he feels enormous empathy and turns into superheroines who seem to have escaped from a ‘Barbarella’ (Roger Vadim, 1968 ) white trash. The moralizing message is and is not: the girls mature after being tempted by the dark side, but they are still exterminating angels.

    The story is simple, it is a descent into hell, it is Little Red Riding Hood quadrupled and the wolf; it is boom and bust; it is the American nightmare encapsulated in that paradise of plastic waves and water muscles. The work with color and music tends towards abstraction; loops make the image a bottomless spiral, and fash-forwards impose a hallucinatory perception of the world. It should be consumed like a bubbly drink packaged in a vintage design can: in small sips so as not to turn into soda.

    For those who believe that MTV is conceptual art

    The best: The lysergic visual finish of the film

    The worst: the moral ambiguity of its subtext


    Address: Harmony Korin Distribution: James Franco, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Rachel Korine, Heather Morris Country: USA Year: 2012 Release date: 03-15-2013 Gender: Comedy Screenplay: Harmony Korin Duration: 92min

    Synopsis: Four attractive college students plan to raise money for their spring break trip by holding up a fast food stand. But that’s just the beginning. During a night out, the girls are arrested on drug charges. Hungover and clad only in their bikinis, they appear before a judge, only to be unexpectedly released by Alien (James Franco), an infamous local thug who takes them under his wing and takes them on the wildest spring break ever. Tough on the outside, but with a gentle side, Alien wins the girls’ hearts, and takes them on a journey they’ll never forget.

    Source: Fotogramas

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