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Criticism of ‘Flee’, the essential animation auteur tape


For fans of films that tell the story without forgetting what matters: the people behind it.

Direction: Jonas Poher Rasmussen Original title: flee Country: Denmark, France, Sweden, Norway, USA, Spain, Italy, UK Year: 2021 Release date: 02-18-2022 Gender: Animation Script: Jonas Poher Rasmussen Synopsis: It tells the true story of Amin, who is faced with a painful secret that he has kept hidden for 20 years and that threatens to unravel the life he has built for himself and his future husband. Amin agrees to recount his extraordinary journey as a refugee child from Afghanistan in this documentary, on the condition that his identity is not revealed. To achieve this goal, director Jonas Poher Rasmussen decides to use an animation style that not only protects the narrator, but also enhances his story, combining time and memory in a visceral and poetic way.

The best: his empathy and humanity.

The worst: discard it for thinking that it is a minority proposal.

The Danish Jonas Poher Rasmussen collects in this animated documentary, made in this way to protect the identity of its protagonist, the tremendous story – marked by violence, fear and flight – of an Afghan refugee in Europe. Beyond its obvious formal and conceptual interest, ‘Flee’ is valuable for the mix of delicacy and clarity with which it starts from the intimate (an intimacy that benefits from the long-standing friendship between director and protagonist) to expose a universal drama and its terrible and inconsolable consequences.

Poher Rasmussen is right to put the human being at the center of the story, the person above the events. And with that gesture he explains both the events and the protagonist of it. She does it with humanity, understanding and empathy, to the point of feeling that the film is not the most important thing for him. It is giving Amin the opportunity to tell himself how he wants, with his times, with his doubts. And from that ability to listen and understand the other comes a film as beautiful as it is painful about fear, identity and the impossibility of taking root when they have been violently uprooted.

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