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Criticism of ‘With gray hair and crazy’: The happy life of Diane Keaton

The actress once again demonstrates her ability to face the passage of time and laugh at herself in this comedy.

    Anyone who has felt ‘old-young’ will be reflected in this film by actress and director Katie Aselton, where a 30-year-old girl wishes to be old, because that’s how she feels, and she gets it. It is not the first time we see a comedy body-swap about age jumps, from ‘Big’ (Penny Marshall, 1988) to ‘The dream of my life’ (Gary Winick, 2004), but ‘Con canas ya lo loco’ adjusts the formula to the advantages and disadvantages of reaching third age. What it offers is a fable of fantastic overtones with a timeless moral: never be afraid to be yourself.

    With a somewhat weak conflict – the only thing the protagonist wants is to buy second-hand clothes and wear sandals with socks, is that too much to ask for? – that tries to put the spotlight on the culture of Instagram and the pressure for aesthetic canons, the film knows how to rely on its best weapon: Diane Keaton. Whether wearing her own wardrobe or struggling in a pilates class, the actress manages to save an uninspired script based on many gestures and pure charisma.

    For those who enjoy comedies with a moral and without pretensions

    Best: Diane Keaton using a pilates machine.

    The worst: it is not deep enough, funny enough or absurd enough to stand out.


    Address: katie aselton Distribution: Diane Keaton, Wendie Malick, Dustin Milligan, Elizabeth Lail, Simon Rex, Lois Smith, Aimee Carrero Country: USA Year: 2022 Release date: 12–08-2022 Gender: Comedy Script: Madeline Walter, Paul Welsh Duration: 95 minutes

    Synopsis: Mackenzie is tired of doing all the things she has to do to keep up and get ahead in her 30s. Her deepest wish is to be over 60 so she can just kick back, relax and put on a nice wool sweater. But when her dream comes true after a strange event and she becomes Rita, a 65-year-old woman, Mack will discover that her old age is not exactly what she imagined.

    Source: Fotogramas

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