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Criticism of ‘The man who sold his skin’, Tunisian production with Monica Bellucci

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Monica Bellucci stars in this film by Kaouther Ben Hania alongside Koen De Bouw and Husam Chadat.

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The provocative proposal of turning a human being into a work of art within the reach of the highest bidder, which is based on a real case ‘The man who sold his skin’, has a glorious precedent in ‘The tattooed man’ (Denis de la Patellière, 1968). What was a funny comedy theme there for the great Louis de Funès serves the Tunisian filmmaker Kaouther Ben Hania as starting point to give prominence to a subject as current as refugees are. What they are willing to do to get out of their desperate situation and the exchange value that their helplessness can translate into. Not forgetting the criticism of customs that ignore women’s freedom and prejudice against people of Arab origin.

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The movie turns out original, visually appealing and Yahya Mahayni does a great job in front of the cast. The script, a bit confusing at the beginning, offers ingenious surprises about how delicate it can be to use skin as a canvas, something that was already pointed out in De Funès’s film, and although it costs him a bit to maintain interest, it brings an unforeseen ending .

For skeptics about the world of art and those who do not despair.

The best: the successive turns of the script that the plot is giving.

The worst: it costs a bit at first to enter the story.


Direction: Kaouther Ben Hania Distribution: Koen De Bouw, Monica Bellucci, Husam Chadat, Rupert Wynne-James Original title: L’Homme que a vendu sa peau Country: Tunisia Year: 2020 Release date: 08–04-2022 Gender: Drama Film script: Kaouther Ben Hania Duration: 104 minutes

Synopsis: Sam Ali, a sensitive and impulsive young man from Syria, leaves his country for Lebanon to flee the war. In order to travel around Europe and live like this with the love of his life, he agrees to have his back tattooed by one of the most important contemporary artists in existence.

Source: Fotogramas

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