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Criticism of ‘Love letters do not exist’, the French comedy of the week

Jérôme Bonnell directs a title starring Grégory Montel, Anaïs Demoustier and Nadege Beausson-Diagne.

Rejected by his lover, whom he visits unannounced after a disastrous night, and with life turned upside down, Jonas finds refuge in the cafe across the street from his house to start writing a letter that we will never know if it is an attempt to save his life. love or the way to close it forever. This is the starting point for the seventh feature as director by Frenchman Jérôme Bonnell, an approach with the makings of a romantic comedy, but here it is neither the first nor the second.

Taking advantage of the dramatic theatrical units –time, space and action– and with an intelligent staging –a constant visual and narrative reframing through off-screen and plot absences–, Bonnell is more interested in capturing the seemingly unscripted and chaotic atmosphere of everyday life., as well as the secondary ones that inhabit it, that the drama of the rupture. Paraphrasing Joel Schumacher, ‘A day of Fury’ but also passion in which Grégory Montel stands out and his ability to fill the chiaroscuro – a lover?, a stalker? – Of a character who needs to rewrite his life .

For lovers of burlesque reality and finished idylls.

The worst: being unable to read the letter that Jonas writes.


Direction: Jerome Bonnell Distribution: Grégory Montel, Anaïs Demoustier, Nadege Beausson-Diagne, Léa Drucker Original title: Chere Lea Country: France Year: 2021 Release date: 08–04-2022 Gender: Romantic comedy Film script: Jerome Bonnell Duration: 89 min.

Synopsis: Jonas, a 40-something Parisian, is still madly in love with his ex, Léa. After a drunken night, he knocks on her door to confess his feelings for her but Lea rejects him. Disgusted, he ends up in the coffee shop below her house and begins to write her a love letter, forgetting everything he had to do that day.

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