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Criticism of ‘El test’, the new comedy by Dani de la Orden

Alberto San Juan, Miren Ibarguren, Blanca Suárez and Carlos Santos star in a comedy that offers us one hundred thousand euros now or one million in ten years.

    Billy Wilder said: If you want to tell people the truth, be funny or they’ll kill you.. Dani de la Orden, one of our most effective comedy specialistshas followed your advice in The test. Part of an exceptional script by Jordi Vallejo, based on his own theatrical work, in which conflicts arise naturally, in comic-dramatic progression. These are, in essence, two: to what extent are we capable of maintaining our apparently firmer principles when doing so means sacrificing our material well-being, and whether it is possible to reconcile with pending emotional issues.

    The film revolves around the masterful work of Alberto San Juan along the lines of Sentimental, which marks the pace of the action and weaves the spider’s web in which it traps the rest of the characters, without losing their smile and sarcasm. A test, as the title indicates, from which her character will not be able to come out unscathed either.

    De la Orden’s skilful planning overcomes the initial hurdle, and not least, that of starting from a scenic original, with so much dialogue. In this task, the exemplary artistic direction plays an essential role and that house, or rather mansion, which is the main location of the action, with its very modern design and details such as the fact that the lights turn on or off when clapping or changing color with voice The house thus becomes the fifth protagonist, as a reflection of its owner’s reward in exchange for giving up his ideals.

    To observe with perspective and humor the own contradictions

    The best: the wonderful ironic tone that it maintains.

    The worst: there is plenty of extravagance as a second explanatory ending.


    Address: Dani of the Order Interpreters: Alberto San Juan, Miren Ibarguren, Blanca Suarez, Carlos Santos, and Antonio Resines Country: Spain Year: 2022 Release date: 02–09-2022 Gender: Comedy Script: Jordi Vallejo Duration: 105 minutes

    Synopsis: What would you choose, one hundred thousand euros now or one million in ten years? The premise seems simple. A married couple, Héctor, 38, and Paula, 37, are facing serious economic problems that will be put to the test by their rich friend Toni, but first they must agree on his choice. Héctor wants €100,000 to try to renovate his dilapidated and unprofitable bar and turn it into a successful business, but Paula prefers to wait for the grand prize.

    Source: Fotogramas

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