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Review of ‘Feathers’, Egyptian fantasy comedy

Omar El Zohairy takes us to a children’s birthday party where a magician turns the child’s overbearing father into a chicken.

    It is neither a joke nor a conspiracy. This is how the director defines Feathers the strange situation in which its protagonist finds himself: her husband, during a modest magic session, has turned into a chicken… and we have to move on! Anyway, with whoever, whoever falls. And starting from minus zero, with no money and a lot of debt. Without accomplices and, yes, with tons of dirt, disappointments and puddles, blood, machismo, dirty bills and bureaucracy. is this the fantastic story of an empowerment told as a different comedy.

    And it is about a subtle comedy, worked from many corners of the story, the shot (inside and outside) and the soundtrackand in which, suddenly, a tribute to The Godfather (FF Coppola, 1972). The animals, alive and dead, are distributed throughout the entire deed of a woman forced to lower her gaze, raise a family and once again have a rickety TV that, in such sad circumstances, she is the perfect ally to keep children out of her raw, rotten and voracious reality.

    For renovators of political-social criticism

    The best: the combination of hurtful dialogues and visual work; of society and dirt.

    The worst: not being able to connect with his delirious starting point.


    Address: Omar El Zohairy Interpreters: Demyana Nassar, Samy Bassouny, Fady Mina Fawzy, Mohamed Abd El Hady Country: Egypt Year: 2021 Release date: 02–09-2022 Gender: Comedy Script: Omar El Zohairy, Ahmed Amer Duration: 112 minutes

    Synopsis: At a children’s birthday party, a magician turns the child’s overbearing father into a chicken. The family’s problems will begin when the magician is unable to reverse the transformation. The selfless mother will have to take control of the situation in order to move her family forward in a patriarchal society that will not make things easy for her.

    Source: Fotogramas

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