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Criticism of ‘Vasil’, the search for a place in the world

Ivan Barnev and Karra Elejalde star in Avelina Prat’s first film, the story of a chess expert and a retiree who hit it off.

    It was to be expected: sparks could only fly from the mix of interpretive wisdom of two gifted for comedy such as the Basque Karra Elejalde and the Bulgarian Ivan Barnev. Sparks of complicity between two actors accustomed to a more extroverted and explosive humorous register, and who, in Avelina Prat’s film, lower and relax the tone to talk to us, almost whispering, about friendship, solidarity, the search for a place in the world, hate, mistrust and respect. In addition, there is the participation of Alexandra Jiménez, who is also an interpreter of a wide range of tones.

    The world of clubs bridge and chess players are the incomparable settings for the script to show its cards and move its pieces with skill, take the opportunity to reflect on studies and culture, and offer us a happily unexpected outcome. In fact, Vasil could almost be an imagined character, a ghost, a sad and mocking spirit, a Jiminy Cricket who teaches others to get closer beyond agreements and agreed dates. Vasil, in his innocence, is a powerful examiner of unfinished business.

    For fans of subtle, silent, apparently kind comedy

    The worst: you are left wanting to know more about the character of the great Susi Sánchez.


    Address: Avelina Prat Distribution: PIvan Barnev, Karra Elejalde, Alexandra Jiménez, Sue Flack, Susi Sánchez Country: Spain Year: 2022 Release date: 04–11-2022 Gender: Drama Script: Avelina Prat Duration: 93 min.

    Synopsis: Vasil is smart, charismatic and a number one at bridge and chess, but has been sleeping rough since he arrived from Bulgaria. Alfredo, a retired architect, welcomes him in his house for a while before the astonished look of his daughter Luisa de el. The two men have nothing in common except their passion for chess. Despite their differences, little by little Vasil will manage to break the barriers built by Alfredo. And it is that Vasil has a gift: to transform forever those people with whom he relates.

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