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Criticism of ‘Strange World’, a new Disney adventure classic

The Clades, a family of explorers, are the protagonists of ‘Strange World’, Disney’s new animated adventure series directed by Don Hall.

    If the Eloi who inhabited the future visited by the protagonist of ‘The Time Machine’, by HG Wells, had a cinema in their idyllic, egalitarian, identitary and happy world, they would surely enjoy this latest animated Disney, ‘Strange World’, Praise all those values ​​that today stand out in our present and are desired for the years to come, but that in their insistence on hiding the Morlocks under the surface ends up being a utopian Eden.

    ‘Strange world’ is once again a prodigy in terms of space design and animation, where you notice the influences of many illustrators that filled the covers of old pulp magazines or cartoonists who imagined places beyond imagination in cartoons of comics (Druillet, Bilal, Moebius…) and in examples of already classic cartoons ranging from the Europeans of the great René Leloux ( ‘The masters of time’, ‘The blue planet’, ‘Gandahar, the light years’…) to Chuck Jones who reinterpreted the illustrations of Dr. Seuss. He more than manages to recreate that new lost world so dear to the adventure literature of a lifetime, and he also has that utopian Avalonia from where the expedition that will be the central expedition of the film departs. An Avalonia that is still the home of the eloi and the morlocks, absent here as is everything that could disturb, more than the viewer, who tweets or leaves comments on social networks.

    Adventure is the great protagonist of ‘Strange World’, in its most classic meaning and Jules Verne (in fact, it is still an unconfessed remake of ‘Captain Grant’s Children’) and in that of science fiction authors such as Isaac Asimov (the novelist’s stories for young readers). The family once again embarks on a double journey: the physical towards the unknown and the interior towards reconciliation and the strengthening of sentimental ties. Nothing that wasn’t in Disney before, but in Don Hall’s film he carries the weight of the plot like a rookie explorer filling his backpack with superfluous and dispensable material, and his way of advancing the story is through sequences in nothing. distinguishable from the screens of a video game, surely already on sale this Black Friday.

    ‘Strange world’ is, let’s just say it, a great entertainment of colorist and ecologist appetizer for the sequel to Avatar that is about to be released (how much damage Pandora has done!), contributing a couple of characters (no, not humans) like the dog and the mubby, charismatic and pure Silly Symphonies. However, and let’s also say it now, it has lost the wonderful ingenuity and the sense of the fantastic of the Disney of the aforementioned ‘The children of Captain Grant’, of ‘The island at the end of the world’ or of, already focusing on animation , ‘Atlantis: The Lost Empire’ (2001). It is somewhat a pity, or perhaps the sign of the current eloi times of political correctness. Before, Disney boasted of making movies for an audience from 0 to 99 years old. Around there, in the center of the fork I walk and I begin to feel that I am disconnecting myself from proposals like this.

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    Address: Don Hall Country: USA Year: 2022 Release date: 25–11-2022 Gender: Animation Script: Qui Nguyen Duration: 102 min.

    Synopsis: The Clades are a family known throughout the world, they are all famous world explorers. One day, all together, they arrive at a new place never trodden by anyone. There they will have to face numerous dangers and discover new creatures never documented. However, the mission is put at risk and threatens to fail due to the many fights between the family members.

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