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Criticism of ‘Little Flower’: Thursdays, murder

Mitre, with the complicity of his inseparable Mariano Llinás in the script, offers us a more stimulating and daring film than the conventional ‘Argentina, 1985’.

    The premise, taken from a novel by Iosi Havilio, is worthy of the great Quentin Dupieux: a subject is murdered on a Thursday and, miraculously (you know: on Thursdays, a miracle), he is still alive the following Thursday to be murdered again every Thursday. It is only one of the plot flanks of this comedy that, at least, goes through another two: the relationships between the murderer and her wife and hers (and then also him) with a charlatan guru and shoddy psychologist. It doesn’t matter that the three stories don’t quite mesh well, because the whole breathes a healthy freshness all the time, a black but kind and well sharpened humor and he even gives us a performance by singer-songwriter Hervé Vilard as a tip.

    Without a doubt, Mitre, with the complicity of his inseparable Mariano Llinás in the script, offers us a more stimulating, more daring film than the very conventional ‘Argentina, 1985’. The pearls of the work are the memorable compositions of the multi-murdered Poupaud, a vain French lover of jazz and the truly murderable wine, and the guru Sergi López, extraordinary, also revealing his origins in Garraf.

    To continue betting, after the flat ‘Argentina, 1985’, for the cinema of miter

    The worst: the marriage story is the weakest.


    Address: Santiago Miter Distribution: Daniel Hendler, Vimala Pons, Melvil Poupaud, Sergi López Country: France Year: 2022 Release date: 9–12-2022 Gender: horror, comedy Script: Mariano Llinas, Santiago Miter Duration: 98 min.

    Synopsis: The film tells the story of José, an Argentine citizen who recently moved to France with his partner and daughter, and who meets his new neighbor. On impulse, while he is listening to the jazz piece Petite Fleur, he kills his new friend. However, the next day, to José’s astonishment, his neighbor is the spitting image of health.

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