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MetaKing Studios Raises $15M in Funding to Accelerate Web3 Strategy MMO Game Development


Gaming startup MetaKing Studios has raised $15 million in seed funding led by the Makers Fund and BITKRAFT to accelerate development. BLOCKERSA multiplayer medieval strategy MMO game based on web3 technology.

MetaKing was founded by CEO David Johansson and COO Nick Lee, who have experience in developing and producing free-to-play games. Inside blocks, Universe construction is combined with deep imagination and historical information, and within a player-oriented economy, users will be able to have their own hero characters.

“At our core, we are a team of gamers and tech enthusiasts who want to create a fun and enjoyable experience using the new technologies available to us,” said Johansson. “Inside BLOCKERSWe work to create a massive and dynamic game world that is shaped directly by the choices of players, whether they are humble farmers or powerful lords and ladies. By giving players full ownership of their digital assets, we not only encourage them to play, but we also give them the right to participate in the process.”

Jamie Wallace, Associate at BITKRAFT, added: “MMOs clearly fit the market for blockchain gaming products as they allow for a more diverse and dynamic in-game economy. When it’s about BLOCKERSNot only does it have deeper gameplay than current blockchain-based games on the market, but it is also designed to appeal to a wider variety of player types, creating a more inclusive game that caters to all stakeholders in the Web3 world.

BLOCKERS Early access will begin this year. MetaKing Studios is a fully remote studio with employees in New York, London, Stockholm, Sweden, Singapore, Shanghai and more.

Source: Hollywood Reporter



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