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EntertainmentThe Town: What artists are demanding backstage? Post Malone tabled to play beer pong today at 9:33

Post Malone checked out to play beer pong

post malonereturns to Brazil after a year, to the The Town, and without many requirements different from those of 2022. He ordered Jelly Belly Fish — fish-shaped jelly beans —, a beer pong table and lots of alcoholic beverages. According to Ingrid Bergerresponsible for taking care of this type of request from artists at festivals, the most difficult thing this year will be dealing with the necessary amount of items to meet the demands (via Folha de S.Paulo).

“He comes with a huge band, and the order almost tripled. Tequila, which was two, now there are five. Ordered 400 glasses to play the beer joke. The band also orders a lot of little things, like ‘beef jerky’, which It’s that American beef jerky.”

Even with very specific requirements, Berger points out that the line-up of The Town is more restrained, because it doesn’t have singers like Justin bieber It is drake: “I already had to assemble an ice bath, bring an inflatable boat”.

Even so, orders have to be adapted, because some ingredients or products are not sold in Brazil. Therefore, substitutions like Oreo for Negresco, for example, have already happened.

“The guy wants rice crackers with seaweed flavor. We don’t have them here, so I put regular rice crackers. They ask for a lot of kombucha, that fermented tea, and with flavors that we don’t have. Red fruits I’ll change for strawberry or blackberry”, explains Ingrid. Another case she cites is that of Fiji water, which comes from an island in Oceania, and needs to be exchanged for a product that is taken from a Brazilian source.

Brazilian artists tend to be less demanding, but they are also hardworking: “They come with a large team, with a hairdresser, make-up artist, assistant, whatever. They order a lot of food, because there are a lot of them. pizza, drink”.

Source: Rollingstone

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