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This violent R-rated Superman film will finally get a sequel

Brightburn: What if Superman was the son of evil?

Published in 2019, Brightburn: the child of evil is a science fiction thriller film directed by David Yarovesky and produced by James Gunn. The plot of the film explores a dark and terrifying perspective on the superhero genre : A couple discovers a child from another world, who they raise as if he were their own child.

However, they soon realize that the child, Brandon, is developing superhuman powers, but uses them in various ways sinister and violentbecoming a threat to the small town they live in.

The film, notably directed by Elizabeth Banks, offered a disturbing and captivating new vision of the superhero universe by exploring what would happen if a being with extraordinary powers chose evil over good, as happens in superhero films.

Burns bright, which cost only six million dollarshe had brought thirty-three to the global box office. A great success for this R-rated film in the United States.

The sequel finally arrives… and it worries fans

After five years without news, we learn (via Expiration) That Brightburn 2 is currently in development. But recent statements from the film’s producers have not failed to worry fans. In fact, the latter indicated that they will use artificial intelligence to shape the film without providing further information. Faced with fans’ concerns, James Gunn took to his social networks to clarify these comments (via ScreenRant).

Brightburn: the child of evil
Brightburn: The Wicked Child © Sony Pictures

So said the producer, who is actively working on his next Superman film for DC Brightburn 2 it absolutely would not be written using an artificial intelligence. However, he did not specify the implications of this new technology in the development of the feature film.. This will probably help with the visual effects portion of the film.

At the moment, the details on the plot of Brightburn 2 they are still kept secret. In all likelihood, we should find Brandon a few years older as he struggles with his devastating impulses.

Source: Cine Serie

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