Bad Bunny presented “Un Preview”, his long-awaited new song

He promised it and he kept it. Bad Bunny presented “A Preview”the subject he had advanced via his brand new WhatsApp channel.

“Hi hello. How was this Sunday?”, wrote the Bad Bunny. And a few hours later, he shared a preview, of only 17 seconds, of the single.

Well, now the Puerto Rican singer has gone all out. “Hello. God help those who get up early and those who don’t get their asses rubbed. What are they doing? Well, remember I was going to tell you something? shhh…” he began .

And he added: “I don’t know if this makes you happy or what… but I’m going to release one more song this year and it will be out before the end of September.”

Then, of course, came the premiere of “El Preview”, which It became the third song Bad Bunny released in 2023after “Un x 100to”, with Grupo Frontera, and “Where She Goes”.

Lyrics to “A Preview” by Bad Bunny

Come here, to put something on, to get a glimpse of what’s next

Baby, I know

That when I try you, I’ll fall in love

I won’t forget that face, hey

The night begins, let whatever happens happen

If you ask me, I’ll give it to you

Baby, I’m not afraid, eh

To try yourself and fall in love again

To hell with it, mom, I’ll play along, hey

Very crazy at the disco, I catch myself dancing and I kiss you on the neck, hey

With you I will shoot, hey

Baby, I’m not afraid, no

To try yourself and fall in love again

Don’t tell me anything, I don’t follow advice, no

Very crazy at the disco, I find myself dancing and I kiss you on the neck, eh

Let them bite’ (Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah)

Devil, mom, what a scoundrel

You looked at me all night

W, you are my cowgirl

I promise you, I’ll try to get out

But inside that’s what’s happening

Mom, you got me with the best grade

You arrived single and left old

He came three times, that’s why he doesn’t leave (Hey)

Now my bug is yours, no one else will give it to her

Assholes over there, it was canceled.

Let’s go to the DR, the hookah and the Barceló

A picket bastard, no one is going to knock him down

It leaves them visible, boy, it seems, no

Let them talk, no need to worry, no

The baby is dry, but should not be wet

Hey hey hey

Source: Qmusica