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New on Netflix: a thriller that will make subscribers’ brains boil

The World After Us is available on Netflix

Thrillers that play with our minds are always popular on Netflix. These films, full of enigmas and mysteries, fascinate viewers who love to get involved in solving intrigues. Every new title of this genre becomes a topic of conversation, where fans love to share their theories and discoveries. Today Netflix launches a new thriller that promises to follow this trend and captivate its subscribers with a story that promises to keep them in suspense: The world after us.

It must be said that the film has very strong arguments to become a big hit on Netflix. It is initially adapted from author Rumaan Alam’s novel of the same name (and bestselling novel) published in 2020. It is subsequently directed by Sam Esmail, best known for creating the series Mr. Robot with Rami Malek.

What is it about?

The story centers on a New York family who decides to spend a few days off in a beautiful mansion away from the city. When they get there, everything seems idyllic. But during their first excursion to the beach, a huge ocean liner runs aground a few meters away from them.

Something is wrong, and they will soon discover it when the owners of the villa they have rented come ringing the doorbell: a cyber attack is paralyzing the country, and could trigger the apocalypse. Locked in this villa with no way to contact the outside world, they will have to band together to survive. But The World After Us doesn’t give away all of its secrets, and should therefore fascinate subscribers who will no doubt develop theories about the film’s true mystery.

A casting of the highest level

To carry forward this thriller which will undoubtedly rise to the top of the top 10 of the most watched films on Netflix, we find one of the best actresses in the world, Julia Roberts. She plays her mother who becomes suspicious of what the villa owners tell her about the cyber attack and questions their honesty. This is the second time Julia Roberts has filmed under the direction of Sam Esmail after the series Homecoming, broadcast in 2018. This is once again an opportunity for the director to tarnish the image of the actress, made immensely popular thanks to romantic comedies. In The world after usexplores new facets in his gaming palette.

Opposite her we find two excellent actors who need no introduction: Ethan Hawke, who plays her somewhat reserved husband, and Mahershala Ali, who plays the owner of the villa, who she finds difficult to trust. .

We also find Kevin Bacon in a secondary role, that of a survivor, who had prepared for years for a large-scale catastrophe. The cast is completed by young actors: Myha’la, in the role of the daughter of the owner of the villa, but also newcomers Farrah Mackenzie and Charlie Evans, who play the couple’s children.

Source: Cine Serie

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