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And the “ideal” length of a film is… An extensive survey gives the answer

Too long, too short? Cinema is looking for its time

With films that tend to drag on in theaters, streaming productions that are not affected by the rigid schedules of theatrical releases, and an audience whose attention is constantly solicited by an uninterrupted flow of video productions of all kinds, the debate rages: What is the ideal length of a feature film ?

The question concerns studios, directors as well as spectators. It also provoked a reaction from Martin Scorsese, whose latest film The assassins of the Flower Moon displays a duration of 3:26 and was shown in some European cinemas with an interval. The director of wild bull AND Infiltrators he later told the Hindustan Times:

People complain that it’s three hours. But you can sit in front of the television and watch something for five hours… Many people go to the theater to see three and a half hour shows… You have to respect the cinema.

The ideal length for a film? 1h32 minutes

An American survey, carried out by Talker Research by studying the responses of 2,000 people interviewed, he then drew his conclusions. The “ideal” length of a film would thus be established for all those interviewed 1h32 minutes. Among these people interviewed, 15% just believe that a film surpasses the 2 hours it’s acceptable. He is alone 2% they declare themselves satisfied with a film that surpasses the 2h30. The trend is therefore very clear in the United States: the shorter it is, the better.

An opinion of the public that may seem contradictory, and which therefore fuels a paradoxical phenomenon, given that today large productions tend to be long. A trend that is supported by historical reality. To date, among the 10 greatest cinematic successes in history, 9 exceed 2 hoursand 3 exceed the 3 hours : Avengers: Endgame, Avatar: The Way of Water AND Titanic.

On the one hand, the American public would like to see films lasting around 1h30, on the other, the box office contradicts this, given that the greatest successes in history far exceed this measure. A sensitive paradox also in France, where on the one hand the conciseness of Quentin Dupieux’s cinema is celebrated, and on the other a film like Oppenheimer which, with its duration of 3 hoursattracted more than 4.4 million viewers in cinemas.

Source: Cine Serie

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