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This French comedy is a box office hit and could create a phenomenon

A Little Something Extra: Artus’ first film

We already knew Artus as a comedian and actor, now we know him as a director. The latter, in fact, directed and co-wrote his first feature film, Something extrareleased in theaters this Wednesday, May 1st.

For this film he once again evoked the character of Sylvain, which he had played several times in sketches (including the well-known Handisport). Sylvain is the alter ego of the character Artus in the film, posing as an adult with a disability, at a summer camp, among other equally disabled residents, to escape the police.

The latter and his father, in fact, are robbers on the run, who join the merry band to remain discreet. But while they thought they were simply hiding in this colony, they will gradually grow fond of its inhabitants and change the way they approach their existence.

An exceptional start at the box office

On his first day, Something extra it achieved almost 280,000 admissions in French cinemas, with 470 copies. Quite a feat and one of the best starts of all time for a French comedy. For comparison, the movie did better thanUntouchableAND What have we done to the Good Lord? for its first day (which started with 191,000 and approximately 200,000 signups respectively).

With this score it does even better than Dune 2 released last February, which attracted 261,000 viewers, with a higher number of copies and becoming the best start of the year. Sure, the fact that it was released on a holiday was a great start, but for a comedy, distributed by an independent studio (Pan Distribution), without big stars in the cast, this start is exceptional. And word of mouth promises to be equally excellent (4.3/5 among our colleagues atAlloCiné), which could very well lead Something extra become THE French cinematic phenomenon of this year 2024.

In a story published on his account InstagramArtus did not fail to thank the first spectators, who came in large numbers to discover his first film, and cannot believe the incredible soundtrack of this beginning:

I don’t even know what to tell you (…) it’s crazy, 280,000 registrations on the first day! It’s crazy what’s happening in the movie. I don’t realize, I’m over the moon. I want to scream, I want to hug everyone, life is beautiful. Thanks for them.

Source: Cine Serie

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