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Hugh Jackman is the new Robin Hood

Immortal Robin Hood

After the movie Robin Hood from 2018, starring Taron Egerton in the title role, the famous brigand with the big heart will have the right to a new film adaptation. This is what was exclusively revealed Expiration, as the 2024 Cannes Film Festival approaches and this project will be one of the most attractive on the film market. This new film, to carve out a good place for itself in the long filmography already dedicated to the hero of Sherwood Forest, already has two arguments in favor of him: a new story and a five-star cast.

Starring Hugh Jackman and Jodie Comer

This new Robin Hood is the Australian actor Hugh Jackman who will interpret it. The star of the X-Men saga was recently seen in the drama Son by Florian Zeller, and very soon he will be at the cinema alongside his friend Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool and Wolverine. Hugh Jackman is famous all over the world and time seems to have no influence on his physical abilities, which should be put to the test in this new film Robin Hood.

Marguerite de Carrouges (Jodie Comer) - The last duel
Marguerite de Carrouges (Jodie Comer) – The Last Duel ©20th Century Studios

Furthermore, at his side, Jodie Comer will play the main female role, that of a “mysterious woman who will offer him a chance at redemption“. The British actress revealed by the series Kill Eve he has already made a medieval film, a very good one The last duel by Ridley Scott. This year she will also star in Jeff Nichols’ film The motorcyclists.

A dark story

This new movie Robin Hoodwhich will be directed by Michael Sarnoski (Pig, In silence: day 1), will therefore be different from its predecessors, having a much darker history. It is in fact announced that Robin Hood will return in this story his past as a criminal and murderer, while he is seriously injured and in the hands of a woman who will allow him, perhaps, to find the path to redemption. Michael Sarnoski said:

It’s an incredible opportunity to be able to reinvent and bring freshness to the story we all know of Robin Hood. Having the perfect cast to bring this storyline to the screen was essential. I couldn’t be more excited and confident that Hugh and Jodie will bring this story to life in a powerful and inspiring way.

Source: Cine Serie

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