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Orlando Bloom didn’t want to make this cult film

Paris, one of Orlando Bloom’s main roles

Orlando Bloom has had several notable roles in his career. We can mention that of Legolas in the trilogy The Lord of the Rings (Then The Hobbit years later) or that of Will Turner in the saga Pirates of the Caribbean. He also played in Paris in the peplum Troypublished in 2004.

The British actor was thus chosen to accompany a five-star casting, composed among others by Eric Bana and Brad Pitt. The feature film directed by Wolfgang Petersen was made a box office success, and remains among the most cited titles when talking about peplums. Despite this, Orlando Bloom I don’t have good memories of this experience.

Troy ©Warner Bros. Images
Troy ©Warner Bros. Images

The actor did not want to play this character

In a recent video by Variety, Orlando Bloom has discussed many of the films in which he appeared. Of which Troy. And she revealed that she initially didn’t want to do it “don’t make this movie”. The reason for this is that he didn’t want to Don’t play the character of Paris :

I didn’t want to make this film. I didn’t want to play this character. The movie was great, it had Brad, Eric and Peter O’Toole. But I was wondering, “How am I going to play this character?” He was completely against how I felt. At one point the script said “Paris crawls after being beaten by someone and clings to his brother’s leg.” And I thought, “I’m not going to be able to do that.”

Eventually, one of his agents convinced the actor. He then assured her that this scene would be fine “make the film”. Orlando Bloom then agreed to play the role of Paris. But today he admits that he, in a certain sense, I deliberately forgot this movie.

A cinematic shot ” crazy “ according to Diane Kruger

If Orlando Bloom therefore prefers not to remember his experience in this regard Troy, Diane Kruger, for her part, has strong memories of the filming. In an interview with Variety in October 2023, the actress revealed that filming for the film had taken place “exhilarating”but that he too had been “a circus. » Because, according to his own words, “The sets were huge and the paparazzi were flying around in helicopters, waiting for Brad Pitt. It was crazy! “.

Source: Cine Serie

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