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Netflix and Robert Downey Jr relaunch an old Steve McQueen project

Yucatán : Steve McQueen’s old project

The projects announced, which then fail to materialize, are legion in Hollywood. But every now and then, some are reborn after being forgotten for a long time. Recently we saw Martin Scorsese resume his old biopic project on Frank Sinatra, which he was already thinking about in 2009. To help him direct his film, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence should play the main roles. But Robert Downey Jr. and Netflix they have looked even further, as they are about to relaunch a project that dates back more than 40 years.

In fact, years have passed since the death of Steve McQueenon November 7, 1980, whicha script by the actor It was found in a trunk containing a collection of notebooks, he said Expiration. The story was supposed to involve an expert searching for Mayan treasure in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Steve McQueen was supposed to play the lead role. 20 years ago, Chad McQueen, son of the famous actor, began developing this film with Warner Bros., but without success.

Netflix and Robert Downey Jr. to the rescue

It is therefore today that Netflix would have taken over the project Yucatán. Although the film has been revived several times without success, this time it seems to be the one thanks to the streaming platform. Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer (Blue Beetle, Miss Bala) would then be chosen to rewrite the scenario of Yucatán using the base imagined by Steve McQueen. Robert Downey Jr. is expected to officiate as a producer together with his wife Susan Downey and through their company Team Downey. At the moment nothing has been specified regarding the casting. However, according to American media, there are strong possibilities so that Robert Downey Jr. also appears on the screen.

Details about Yucatán should be announced soon. But since the project is in its early stages, we shouldn’t expect filming on the film to begin anytime soon, and no release date has been specified.

Source: Cine Serie

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