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Planet of the Apes: Wes Ball talks about the sequel and the return of an already cult character

The kingdom of The Planet of the Apes

With a great start in the United States – and the first days that promise to be strong for its release in France -, Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom is on the verge of successfully relaunching the famous franchise. This ninth film, 56 years later The Planet of the Apes by Franklin J. Schaffner and 7 years later Planet of the Apes: Supremacy by Matt Reeves, opens at new cycle and will then be followed by another. (SPOILERS)

A new adventure for Noa, who with her friends and her entire community will have to rebuild a society, as well as keep Caesar’s legacy alive, after the dramatic events of Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom.

Its director Wes Ball explained the next part to us The Planet of the Apes :

“The future will obviously depend on success with audiences, but obviously we know which direction to go. They are fantastic characters, with great stories to tell and lots of exciting ideas that we couldn’t fit into this first film! But hey, I can’t say more…”

It is therefore impossible to detail these ideas, but when we ask him the question of knowing what really happened to one of the most successful characters The New Kingdom, Wes Ball gives a very clear indication. (SPOILERS)

The return of a king

In Planet of the Apes: The New KingdomAs he ventures into unknown territory in search of his community, he meets Noa Raka, a very old orangutan. He makes the connection to the past, a member of a group of learned primates who seek to preserve knowledge, particularly the authentic teachings of Caesar that he carries and transmits. Benevolent towards humans, who at the beginning he only knows in nature, he is fundamental in Noa’s initiatory journey.

Raka (Peter Macon) - Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom
Raka (Peter Macon) – Planet of the Apes: Rise of the New Kingdom ©Disney

Cute, funny and touching, the primate played by Peter Macon met an untimely death in The New Kingdom. In fact, while they are crossing a bridge over a river with a very strong current, Noa, Mae and Raka are attacked by Sylva and her soldiers, under the orders of Proximus Caesar. With a heroic gesture, Raka sacrifices himself he saves Mae from drowning and disappears into the rushing waters of the river.

Raka’s character is very accomplished Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom. Friend, elder and surrogate for authority, teacher, eccentric enough to bring a natural innocence to his relationship with Noa, he is the perfect traveling companion for the hero, the support worker essential for every hero of a great adventure story.

Wes Ball was then told this Raka’s fate seemed very cruel in his film. He replied:

Sacrifice ! It’s so important. But if you stay until the end credits, you’ll see that we’ve added a little something… something that gives you hope!

Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom it doesn’t have a post-credits video sequence, but you can actually hear the film’s credits roll at the very end a guttural cry which seems strongly to be that of Raka…

Source: Cine Serie

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