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Failure at the box office, this thriller rated for R16s creates a surprise on Netflix France

Untraceable does not leave the Top 10 of Netflix France

Untraceable is an American horror thriller film directed by Gregory Hoblit, released in 2008. The film is set in Portland, Oregon, and follows FBI agent Jennifer Marsh, played by Diane Lane, who works in the cybercrime division. He finds himself facing a particularly disturbing case when a mysterious site appears where murders are broadcast live on the Internet.

The main plot of the film revolves around this morbid site, created by a technologically advanced serial killer. The operating mode of the killer is unique : the more the number of visitors to the site increases, the more the death of the victim accelerates, exposed alive to bloody traps.

Jennifer Marsh, along with her colleague Griffin Dowd, played by Colin Hanks, embarks on a race against time to track down the killer before more lives are taken.

While Untraceable The thriller based on the saga has been available for several days on Netflix in France Saw knows a surprise success, and hasn’t left the Top 10 since its arrival. It is currently in fifth place among the most viewed films.

A box office failure

When it was published more than 15 years ago, Untraceable had not been successful in theaters. Worldwide, the horror thriller grossed just $53 million for a budget estimated at 35 million dollars. In France, the feature film remained in theaters for only two weeks, with a total of just 102,000 viewers. Upon his release, he was banned from allowing anyone under 16 due to these shocking scenes of torture.

A nice revenge for this thriller, supervised by the FBI. In fact, as the director confided at the time of the film’s release, Diane Lane benefited from intensive training at the FBI and a former agent briefed the team on the film’s equipment and sets.

Source: Cine Serie

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