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Friends removed from Netflix France on July 1st? Why is this more than likely?

Friends: A sure value from Netflix

Although Netflix adds new film and series content every day, there are also certain values, present for several years, that subscribers love to (re)discover. This is the case of the series Friendsimmensely cult, available on Netflix in France for several years, and which is still among the most watched series on the platform.

There are subscribers who discover it, but the vast majority of its audience comes from viewers who enjoy watching it on repeat for years. This phenomenon is described as “comfort TV”, in which viewers immerse themselves curl up in a cocoon of nostalgia. And with Friendsthere’s enough to spend the winter warm with its 10 seasons and 236 episodes.

Yes, we love spending our evenings following the adventures of Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Ross, Chandler and Joey, and even though the series came out 30 years ago, it hasn’t aged at all. But this cocoon of nostalgia may soon disappear.

Goodbye Netflix, soon on Max?

Friends it had already been removed from Netflix’s American catalog in 2020, leading to fears that France would also lose broadcast rights, which it did not. The streaming platform has renewed the broadcast rights and the cult series is currently still available in France. However, a recent article from the well-informed site What’s on Netflix? he assures it Friends will disappear on July 1 from Netflix in France and other territories.

Information that is not surprising knowing that the Max streaming platform will be launched in France and other European countries next June. In fact, it is Warner Bros. Discovery (which owns Max) that owns the broadcast rights Friends. The special reunion episode was also broadcast on this platform in the United States and the series is also available overseas.

Max, which had not yet been launched in France, should therefore recover the rights to broadcast the series next July. However, you will have to subscribe to a new streaming platform to (re)watch it again.

Source: Cine Serie

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