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Furiosa: Anya Taylor-Joy as the master of ceremonies in an explosive but disappointing spin-off

Furiosa is back in Cannes

First of all, we will not shy away from our pleasure. Nine years after the monument Mad Max: Road FuryGeorge Miller returns to force at Cannes Film Festival 2024. With Furious, offers an ultra-explosive and visually magnificent spectacle, pushing all the sliders of its own and inimitable action: the exercise of the chase with infernal machines in a burned world where ferocity is the rule. And for an action film of this caliber of production, we haven’t seen better since… Mad Max: Road Fury.

Furiosa©Warner Bros.

With Anya Taylor-Joy faithful to the character played in adulthood by Charlize Theron – silent and charismatic -, violent due to the imperative need to avenge her mother’s death and the loss of her childhood, this child and then adolescent version of Furiosa is very convincing . . All the more beautiful and captivating as she is skinned, defiled, martyred and amputated, Anya Taylor-Joy embodies the supreme angel of vengeanceentirely dedicated to finding and killing the person responsible for his misfortunes Dementiawarlord fighting against the other warlord of the Wasteland, Joe Immortano (Lachy Hulme).

The actress does Furious A excellent revenge film, and enriches the mythological dimension of the character that Charlize Theron gave birth to. Telling the multiple return, in a figurative sense, from the death of its protagonist, Furious It thus successfully fits into the rare register of great dramas that are both epic and ancient.

Some scenes in a masterful action film

He rushes in Furious, explodes and kills each other in a rather joyous acceleration motion, like the fascinating machines put together by George Miller and his brilliant designers, hurtling towards the Wasteland at full speed. But this acceleration, this adrenaline rush, is not linear and is interspersed with moments of engine shutdown. During these few moments of pause in the fury, Furious he’s talkative, probably too much so, and over-explains the yet simple problems of the plot. In these situations, Chris Hemsworth proves himself to be gifted at dialogue acting and comedy, playing a colorful Dementus, but too refined and sarcastic to truly inspire. brutal and tyrannical terror antagonists of the Mad Max saga.

Demento (Chris Hemsworth) - Furiosa
Dementus (Chris Hemsworth) – Furiosa ©Warner Bros.

We could also add that the romantic fiber supported by Furious evokes that of Three thousand years await youthat this fiber is well exploited but in the end it clashes too much in the Mad Max universe. And that the creation, for this romantic purpose, of the character of Praetorian Jack (Tom Burke) is commendable but unfortunately it is underused.

This desire to very generously humanize these characters is not the best idea Furiousto the extent that the Mad Max films tell a story dehumanization. On the other hand, the expansion of its explore the Wastelandwith its three cities, The Citadel, Gas Town and The Ball Mill – three strategic sources of exchange: water, petrol and ammunition – it offers a unique journey and the opportunity for a world building whose variety delights.

A film that forgets to think only of itself

Remarkable action sequences take place in these locations and on the sandy roads that lead there. They are creative and produced with excellence, delivering masterful visual effects and sound design. If these sequences do not reach the heights of Mad Max: Road Furythey get as close as possible.

He is in this constant relationship with Way of Furyinevitable since then Furious is its prequel, the flaws of this new Mad Max film are evident. While Way of Fury era perfectly autonomousto the point of almost forgetting the main historical character of the saga Max Rockatansky, Furious it clings too much to its past and its future: we even see the famous Max for a very brief moment. Indeed, what is new about this film is the suggestion that there is more. More to imagine and more to do project yourself towards other stories – hence his very sensitive variety effort world building. A projection that was not realized Way of Furywhich is why it existed only in and of itself and thus achieved cinematic perfection.

Furiosa (Anya Taylor-Joy) - Furiosa
Furiosa (Anya Taylor-Joy) – Furiosa ©Warner Bros.

Furioustrivial spin-off?

Paradoxically, while the exploitation of franchises is no longer so popular in Hollywood, Furious seems to pave the way for other productions. And, as it unfolds, it almost appears as if a transition test production. A very successful production, certainly, but without the autonomy and radicality of intent of the previous Mad Max films. A saga of pure countercultural cinema, unique, that Furious paradoxically it would fit like this.

Without putting their respective qualities on the same level, it’s written in the title Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga an air of that of Rogue One OR Han Solo: A Star Wars Story. As if, afterwards Mad Max: Road Fury which history already establishes as central to the saga – and to his best work -, Furious was content to assume an almost conventional spin-off status. Thus we will be able to continue to see always and only Way of Fury for a total Mad Max experiencewhich unfortunately we cannot do Furious.

Furious by George Miller, in theaters from May 22, 2024, presented out of competition at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. Above, the trailer. Find all our trailers here.

Source: Cine Serie

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