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La K’onga made the whole Arena dance to the rhythm of the quartet

A party. This is what he set up The K’onga at the Arena stadium. And that’s not a way of saying, eh: the group he put on music, dancing and joy at the venue located in the Villa Crespo district of Buenos Aires.

Nelson Aguirre, Pablo Tamagnini and Diego Granadé confirmed why they are references in current popular music. And they showed that the love for the quartet grows day by day.

With a devastating streak of successThe K’onga did not go unnoticed by those present.

And what’s more, they had luxury guests Which one is it? Luciano Pereyra, Emanero, Robleis and MYA, among others.

“I Would Lie to You”, “Addicted”, “No More”, “No Longer Come Back” and “Parallel Universe” were some of the songs people celebrated the most.

And this made it a national and international success, since After the two remaining dates at the Arena (May 20 and 21), they will leave for Europewhere they scheduled performances in Ireland, Portugal and several cities in Spain, including Barcelona, ​​Murcia, Valencia, Málaga, Seville, Santiago de Compostela, Tenerife, Madrid and Bilbao.

How are you?

Source: Qmusica

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