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La Joaqui returns to its beginnings and presents “San Turrona”

The Joaquithe incomparable voice of RKT, is back with his latest single: “San Turrona”with which he evokes the essence of his classics like “Butakera”, transporting listeners to bygone eras and reaffirming his unique and powerful style.

With the aim of returning happily to where he left, “San Turrona” promises energetic rhythms intertwined with the unmistakable flow of La Joaqui.

The lyrics stay true to his signature style, resonating with the authenticity his audiences love so much.

“San Turrona” is a tribute to his beginnings, a sound his audience has always requested.

The video clip, recorded in the 1-11-14 districtknown as Bajo Flores, has a special meaning for Joaqui, since it is part of his journey and his first steps in music.

“You always return to the places where you were happy”said La Joaqui. And he doesn’t lie.

Source: Qmusica

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