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EntertainmentDoctor Who ‘is like a rite of passage’, says Golda RosheuvelPlayer of Jocelyn in the new phase of Doctor Who, starring Ncuti Gatwa, Golda Rosheuvel also celebrated the iconic franchise today at 16:25

Playing Jocelyn in the new phase of Doctor Who, starring Ncuti Gatwa, Golda Rosheuvel also celebrated the iconic franchise

Actress known for productions such as Bridgerton, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, Dune (2021) and Death in Paradise, Golda Rosheuvel interprets Jocelyn in the first season of Doctor Who starring Ncuti Gatwahighlighted by Sex Education It is Barbie (2023).

During an interview with Rolling Stone Brazil, the artist recalled how she was chosen for the role in the new phase of the iconic series, which has had four episodes released so far. When the publication of Queen Charlotteshe spoke as the agent about her desire to participate in Doctor Whodescribed as “a rite of passage.”

“It’s one of those shows that every actor has their eye on,” he said. “I’ve auditioned several times over the years, and friends have always helped me. But now, the timing was definitely right. I met my dear friend Julie Anne Robinsondirector of the first episode of the first season of Bridgerton.” It is worth remembering how Robinson also worked on the current season of Doctor Who.

When he received the news that he won the role, Rosheuvel had an ambiguous feeling, of happiness and terror: “It’s such an iconic show. If it wasn’t scary, I wouldn’t be in this industry. I’ve been working for a while, but that creativity is important to still have those butterflies.”

At another point, she commented how Jocelyn She is a hard worker, but suffers from past abandonment and loneliness. With the difficulties brought by the narrative, the character needs to face the problems on a personal level.

When you’re confined to a space on your own, it can be quite challenging. She has fierce loyalty and is very protective. But maybe she doesn’t always make good choices because of her isolation.

Right away, Golda Rosheuvel took the opportunity to praise the work of Ncuti Gatwa as the new protagonist of Doctor Who. According to the actress, he managed to play an iconic role with great mastery and “great balance and grace.”

With a casual question about where in time and space he would travel, Rosheuvel revealed how he was going to a familiar place: “I just got back from Los Angeles. I have some dear friends there who are family to the great musician Mel TormĂ©. Our families grew up together. I would describe them as the old Hollywood. When I was in Los Angeles, I saw the daughter of Honey, Daisyand we talked about the old Hollywood.”

I would love to go back to that time. There were so many wonderful movie stars back then. I would love to go to The Mel Tormé Show in 1951 or 1952. I think it would be great to go back to that old period of Hollywood.

Finally, the artist was asked if she could summarize Doctor Who in a sentence? “It’s a modern classic family show that marks the trip of a lifetime,” she responded.

Source: Rollingstone

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