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Madness for Luciano Pereyra and Abel Pintos: ten Luna Parks sold in a few hours

In less than ten hours, Luciano Pereyra and Abel Pintos sold out the ten concerts announced for November at Luna Park.

Yes, over 60,000 people managed to get their tickets to see these two beloved artists together in concert for the first time.

Just five days ago, the most anticipated news was announced: Luciano and Abel announced their first series of concerts together. And it was clearly demonstrated that the two artists They came together to revolutionize the Argentinian music scene.

Since this announcement, hundreds of fans have camped all week near Luna Park while waiting to secure their location. Likewise, the virtual queue showed thousands of spectators waiting.

As planned, after the opening of physical ticket offices and ticket offices for the “It’s Now” concertthe passion and madness were such that in less than ten hours all the tickets were sold.

Source: Qmusica

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