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EntertainmentMel Lisboa returns to play Rita Lee in a new new showIn formats and musical, the new show is based on Rita Lee’s autobiographytoday at 6:30 pm

In format and musical, the new show is based on Rita Lee’s autobiography

Mel Lisboa interpret again Rita Lee in theaters after ten years since “Rita Lee Next Door”. With the new musical based on the autobiography of Rita Leethe actress Mel Lisboa returns to the stage to bring to life the singer who marked national rock, the production will be on display at Teatro Porto in São Paulo until September.

In 2014 Mel Lisboa interpreted Rita for the first time, and the presentation had a much greater repercussion than imagined, with packed rooms and praise from the Rita, who was surprised by his performance. This work resulted in Honey awards for best actress and solidified her position among the main names in national theater.

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The new production features musical direction by Marco França and Marcio Guimarães. In the cast, along with Honeythey are Bruno Fraga, Fabiano Augusto, Carol Portes, Debora Reis, Flavia Strongolli, Yael Pecarovich, Antonio Vanfill, Gustavo Rezê and Roquildes Junior.

“The life of Rita needs to be told and retold. His existence transformed an entire generation. And it continues to win younger and younger fans. Rita It’s not ‘just’ the biggest rocker. She composed, sang and popularized sex from a female perspective at a time when it was unimaginable. She dared to say what she wanted and became the artist most censored by the military dictatorship. At the time, she was arrested pregnant. She turned things around and conquered a legion of ‘black sheep’. She became the woman who sold the most records in the country and the great poet of MPB”, says the Mel Lisboa about the musical.

O Porto Theater it presents “Rita Lee – A Musical Autobiography” In support of Brazilian culture and the revitalization of the central region of the city of São Paulo, the theater presents this play and reflects its vision of promoting the inclusion of diverse audiences.


Rita Lee – A Musical Autobiography

From April 26th to September 15th, 2024 – Fridays, at 8pm; Saturdays at 4pm and

at 8pm; Sundays, at 5pm.

Tickets: From R$20.00 to R$120.00 (check details on the website)

Rating: 12 years old.

Duration: 120 minutes.


Al. Barão de Piracicaba, 740 – Campos Elíseos – São Paulo.

Box office:

Open only on show days, two hours before the attraction.

Porto Bank customers plus a companion have a 50% discount.

Porto customers plus companions have a 30% discount.

Sales: www.sympla.com.br/teatroporto

Source: Rollingstone

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