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The success of Top Gun Maverick: 2022 corrects an incredible mistake from the first film

A momentous opening sequence

In August 2018, the film crew of Top Gun: nonconformist spent a week on the USS Abraham Lincoln taking images of jets taking off and landing. Very precisely, 14 hours and 43 minutes 00 seconds and 15 cents The rushes are then sent to the film’s editor, Eddie Hamilton. Tom Cruise will soon meet with Paramount Pictures executives and all the heads of the different departments to present to them what the film could be.

Eddie Hamilton then has to edit these shots. He decides to remake the end credits of the Top Gun since 1986. He tells us:

“It’s the first thing I did on Top Gun: Maverick. In the original film, the total length of the opening sequence was 4 minutes and 11 seconds, and so I took that length. I watched the almost 15 hours of episodes and I edited a sequence with the same duration. This is what we showed for the first time in the studios. There were no actors, only shots taken on the screen of the USS Lincoln. I kept the same sound and the same song as Kenny Logins the first movie.

We were in the screening room at Paramount and all the executives were there, even the cast, and Tom Cruise gave a presentation about the film. All of Paramount was there and Tom Cruise introduced the cast one by one, he explained where the film would be shot, what we would do with the planes, the permissions given by the Navy.”

A mistake from the first film that “annoyed fans”

For several months Eddie Hamilton did not retouch this very first version. Then he adds the credits, using exactly the same typography as Top Gun. But when it comes to the box, that’s where it goes an addition and correction of an error in the text.

Top Gun: cartoon
Top Gun: cartoon

The world of 2018 is nothing like the world of 1986 and the story of the two films is not the same. Logically, Eddie Hamilton adds to the 1986 quote: “His goal was to teach the lost art of air combat and ensure that the handful of men who graduated were the best pilots in the world.the words and women“. Below, we read in the 2022 version:

On March 3, 1969, the US Navy established an elite school for its best pilots. His goal was to teach the lost art of air combat and ensure that the few men and women who graduated were the best pilots in the world.

Top Gun Maverick - cartoon
Top Gun Maverick – cartoon

A typo finally corrected

And there’s another change, which is spelling correction a term overused in the first film.

(With the addition of “women”) here’s the only other thing I changed. The term “insure” is incorrect. It should be with an “e”, not an “i”. With an “i” is when you insure a car. So I fixed this error, which annoyed fans of Top Gun since 1986.

In fact, writing “ensure that the handful of men“, that’s the term”ensure“which is used in the cartoon, and this is what it means in English”guarantee“but like home or automobile insurance. The correct term required by the meaning of the phrase is “guarantee“, which in French translates always and not”guarantee“but with the meaning”to assert” OR “guarantee” (“I assure you it is the best,” for example).

Eddie Hamilton, for Top Gun: nonconformist, has therefore modernized the text of the box but above all corrected a gross typo that had the gift of annoying fans since 1986, since all copies of the film, physical or dematerialized, all television broadcasts show the box with this error. An apparent detail, but a big problem solved!

Source: Cine Serie

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