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Tonight on TV: Paul Walker’s latest film, a remake of a French production by Luc Besson

Brick buildingsthe last completed shots of Paul Walker

Made famous thanks to the saga Fast & Furious, Paul Walker died on 30 November 2013 at the age of 40., from a road accident. The announcement of the tragedy greatly shocked and affected both his colleagues and the public. At that time, the actor was still filming Fast and furious 7 (2015). The production then had to rework the script and commission Paul Walker’s two brothers to shoot some scenes. The end result was a beautiful tribute to the actorand a rare emotion for the saga.

However, Fast and furious 7 is not the only Paul Walker film released after his death. The actor was able to shoot the film a few months before his accident Brick buildings. A recovery that started on April 30, 2013 and had finished shortly before Paul Walker’s death. It was finally on April 23, 2014 that we were able to discover the feature film in French cinemas.

A remake of District 13

Brick buildings is set in Detroit, in the near future, in 2018. We follow Damien (Paul Walker), a police officer who must infiltrate a ghetto called “Brick Mansions”. His mission is to find a weapon of mass destruction, stolen by gangsters. To help him in his task he can count on Lino (David Belle), a local resident.

Brick villas ©EuropaCorp
Brick villas ©EuropaCorp

If looking at this summary you have the feeling of déjà vu, that’s normal. Why Brick buildings it is indeed a remake of District 13 (2004). Released 10 years earlier, Pierre Morel’s film was then carried forward by Cyril Raffaelli, while David Belle played the same character as in Brick Mansions (but under the name Leïto). Produced by EuropaCorp, District 13 had attracted nearly 1 million viewers to French cinemas, motivating Luca Besson to produce a sequel, Suburb 13: Ultimatum (2009). For his part, Brick buildings it was not as successful in France, amassing only 319,000 admissions. But internationally, this first feature film by Camille Delamarre still achieved success more than 70 million dollars in revenue worldwide.

However, the remake was singled out by critics its lack of originality. The only notable innovation may yet be the use of drones to film most of the film’s chases. A technique that Michael Bay would later use Ambulance (2022), but in a much more notable way. Stay then the presence of Paul Walkerwhose Brick buildings it is dedicated to the generic, as its only interest.

Source: Cine Serie

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