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“Digital Mushroom”: Netflix’s New 0 Million Blockbuster Is Destroyed

“Digital Mushroom”: Netflix’s New $100 Million Blockbuster Is Destroyed

“Digital Mushroom”: Netflix’s New 0 Million Blockbuster Is Destroyed

Atlas: Jennifer Lopez on an interstellar mission for Netflix

Almost a year later The motherJennifer Lopez returns to Netflix for the science fiction film Atlasdirected by Brad Peyton.

In this new film, Jennifer Lopez plays Atlas Shepherd, a brilliant government analyst, but wary of artificial intelligence. While working for the International Coalition of Nations, Atlas finds herself involved a distant planet to face Harlan, the first AI terrorist to whom she is mysteriously linked.

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This robot warrior, created with the aim of serving humanity, betrayed this mission and led a robotic revolution against human forces. Fleeing Earth after a devastating military campaign, Harlan has taken refuge on planet GR39 and has been planning his revenge for 28 years.

The story focuses on the conflict between Atlas and Harlan, highlighting the moral dilemmas and ethical issues surrounding artificial intelligence. Atlas must overcome his distrust of machines to save the future of humanity, a challenge that pushes it to confront its past.

100 million dollars and catastrophic first opinions

With an announced $100 millionAtlas it is the largest budget for a Netflix film supported by an actress. As soon as it was published online on the platform, the feature film rose to first place among the most viewed films. But the public was not unanimous, far from it.

On the American quality aggregator Rotten tomatoes, Atlas received only 17% favorable reviews from the press, and just 52% favorable reviews from viewers, a score simply superior to that of Rebel moon part 2put online a little earlier this year. Metacritic shows a score of 4.8/10 e IMDB 5.6/10.

In France, among our colleagues atAlloCiné, opinions are also very divergent, with an average of 2.8/5 from viewers. We can read like this:

“Atlas” is never the friendly, simple entertainment that Brad Peyton has sometimes been able to give us in the past. On the contrary, it is mediocre and terribly boring.

A digital mush of absolute ugliness in which all tension is absent, sprinkled with reflections on the meaning of life (because the soul of robots is not that…) and pseudo-Freudian reminiscences.

Atlas is an honest little sci-fi action film. The video will absolutely not surprise in his proposal.

Well, we’re clearly dealing with a direct DVD link here.

Netflix gives us yet another microwave movie: attractive actors on the poster, beautiful images, everything to look good on the package, but inside, well, it’s edible, but we think it’s not well prepared

Source: Cine Serie

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