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Tom Cruise’s great joke to Glen Powell during Top Gun Maverick

Tom Cruise’s great joke to Glen Powell during Top Gun Maverick

Tom Cruise’s great joke to Glen Powell during Top Gun Maverick

Glen Powell, a revelation of Top Gun: nonconformist

Quite often, when Tom Cruise he undertakes a project, it bears fruit, and quite a bit. The test with Top Gun: nonconformistwhich saw the actor return as Pete Mitchell, aka Maverick, 36 years later Top Gun (1986). A second work that was a success all over the world, bringing more than 1.4 billion dollars. Not enough to impress Tom Cruise. But for the actors alongside him, like Miles Teller and Glen Powell, it can change your career. For the latter, we have recently clearly seen a change in notoriety. The actor has a number of interesting projects and has all it takes to become a future star.

We saw it in the romantic comedy Everything except you (2023), which was a huge success. Now we wait to see him enter Hitman and soon inside Twister. But while the future looks bright for Glen Powell, it all could have ended before the release of Top Gun: nonconformist. At least that’s the thought that might have crossed his mind way back when Tom Cruise pranked him in a helicopter.

A helicopter ride with Tom Cruise

It is on the occasion of a portrait of GQ that Glen Powell told this amusing anecdote. While the team of Top Gun: nonconformist I had to turn around filming of the filmTom Cruise suggested to his colleague bring it back to London from Pinewood Studios. The star of Mission Impossible then he took control of the helicopter and pretended there had been a mechanical problem earlier submerge the device.

Tom goes “oh no, oh no” and starts to dive the helicopter into London.

Glen Powell: Top Gun's maverick
Glen Powell – Top Gun: Maverick ©Paramount

Glen Powell obviously believed in this charade as he thought he would die, but that, even in death, Tom Cruise’s notoriety would surpass him.

I thought, “Am I going to be the anonymous guy who dies with Tom Cruise in a smoking hole in central London?”

The actor obviously has fun with this situation and with this line from Tom Cruise, who obviously fixed the plane and brought Glen Powell back safely. But this reflects the character of the star, who is very involved in her filming and she knows how to be attentive to the people she works with. Besides, Glen Powell had a right to it several valuable tips by Tom Cruise. The latter explaining to him, for example, that for a film to have worldwide success, it must “convey universal emotions and touch on anxieties that everyone can identify withWe’ll see if the actor can apply this advice for the rest of his career, but Glen Powell really seems to be a future Hollywood star.

Source: Cine Serie

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