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Tonight on TV: One of Jason Statham’s biggest fails from the director who revealed it

Tonight on TV: One of Jason Statham’s biggest fails from the director who revealed it

Tonight on TV: One of Jason Statham’s biggest fails from the director who revealed it

Revolvers : the greatest failure of the Jason Statham/Guy Ritchie duo

Self Jason Statham is today a world star, capable of carrying any action film on his shoulders, his career perhaps would not have been the same without meeting Guy Ritchie. It was he who gave him his first role Scams, Crimes and Botany (1998). The two then met again To tear: You steal or you steal (2000), which gave Jason Statham even more notoriety. We might therefore expect it their third collaboration it was even more fruitful, but it wasn’t like that, on the contrary.

After having a string of successes with The Courier (2002) e Italian work (2003), Jason Statham teamed up with Guy Ritchie once again for Revolvers (2005). A film about criminals that was a box office flop. Made with a budget of over 20 million dollars, the feature film it brought only 7 million. And the “rare” people who saw it weren’t really thrilled. As for the press, the reviews were mostly very negative. At the time, The world he wrote for example: “The thriller part of the story is horribly caricaturalthe schizophrenic dimension is caricaturally horrible“.

Revolver ©EuropaCorp Distribution
Revolver ©EuropaCorp Distribution

The French media aren’t the only ones who think so, as Revolver achieved an average rating of 2.1/5 out Assignedand barely 15% positive reviews ON Rotten tomatoes. It is no more glorious on the public side than the average rating ofAssigned there’s only 2.3/5, and that’s the score Rotten tomatoes it only rises to 56%.

Too complex a scam

Revolver is therefore a failure on every level. Despite Guy Ritchie’s desire to make a film about a supreme con, the feature is really hard to follow. In the press kit at the time, the director explained that he had put three years writing the screenplayWhile Rip it only took him three months. The difficulty for him was starting from a simple concept of fraud and covering it up.in a gripping plot with lots of action“. The director may have complicated the task a little too much, despite an interesting basis.

We follow Revolvers Jake Green (Jason Statham) a compulsive gambler who is released after seven years in prison. Once out, he goes to the gangster Dorothy Macha (Ray Liotta) for whom he served these years in prison, in the hope that he will pay his debt. Except Macha sees things differently and tries to eliminate him. It is thanks to the intervention of the mysterious Zach that she manages to escape. However, Jake will also learn that he only three days old. Three days during which encounters and twists will follow one another until the viewer is completely lost…

Fortunately, the collaboration between Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie did not end in this failure. Years after Revolversthe duo met very effectively An angry man (2021), which grossed over $100 million worldwide. Their fifth film together, Operation Fortuna: war stratagem (2023), was then also a commercial failure, but a smaller one than Revolvers.

Source: Cine Serie

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