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The disappearance of HBO Max content could be the start of big changes


Thanks to complicated rights deals and an endless influx of new content, change is a constant on nearly every streaming service. That’s why we dedicate entire columns to what comes and goes on major platforms, but some recent changes to the HBO Max lineup have made fans wonder if bigger changes are on the way. They seem likely to be right, although exactly what it means is highly uncertain.

The online conversation started when some users started noticing that some animated Cartoon Network content was disappearing from the service, including final space. Subsequently, other users found that some programs from TNT and TBS were also missing, including Chad Yes snow augers. This surprised users considering these shows aired on the Warner Bros / HBO Max networks, with many taking to social media to ask what happened. HBO Max responded but generally on social media, which was highlighted by pop culture

Thank you for your interest in HBO Max content. As we work to bring HBO Max and Discovery + closer together, we are making some changes to our services. Part of this process includes deleting the selected content. Thank you. ^ SL

It is not clear exactly what is going on with any of the aforementioned missing programs. There are many reasons why random content disappears from a service, and there isn’t always a broader purpose behind it. Just because TNT has the right to air a specific program on television doesn’t necessarily mean it has the right to permanently include it on the parent company’s streaming service.

That said, there is clearly a lot of smoke here, and that smoke has become thicker and more noticeable since then Vulture ran a long article late last month on long-term plans for HBO Max. Sources told the outlet that company members expect big changes to the platform when it merges with Discovery. Everything from a name change to a complete overhaul of its film distribution model would be on the table.

The outlet says David Zaslav, the executive in charge of running the new combined streaming service, is a strong proponent of the theatrical window. We’ve already seen a DC movie that should have been released directly canceled and there would be a new directive that any direct-release movie must have a budget under $ 35 million and even those that could be released in theaters for 45 days before appearing in. service.

I’m not sure if anyone outside of a few key people knows exactly what the plan will advance, but I think it’s pretty obvious that a change will happen when HBO Max and Discovery + are combined into one platform. The following will have a ton of content that appeals to a wide range of people, and between reality shows, HBO’s prestigious content, Warner Bros. movies, and more, it might not make sense to focus as much on HBO or the name or marketing. More importantly, it may not make sense to always keep all content on the streaming service. Just as Disney splits its content between Disney +, Hulu, and ESPN +, as well as the various networks it owns, we can also see some of it with Warner Bros. Discovery.

Source: Cinemablend



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