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5 delicious additives that make porridge an unhealthy breakfast: watch out!

Porridge is one of the healthiest types of breakfast. The main thing is not to spoil this property with additional ingredients that can turn a classic morning dish into a “fast food masterpiece”.

When we say “porridge”, we usually mean “healthy food”. And it’s also simple, quick and tasty: you really don’t want to spend precious minutes of morning sleep on long cooking!

In general, porridge really has a lot of useful properties that affect different body systems. The main thing is to take into account the nuance of “delicious” additives: some of them cancel the benefits of the product.

Do you like eating porridge for breakfast?



No additives

This is not an entirely obvious point: “empty” porridge, whether rice, millet or oatmeal, does not bring us much. It is therefore better to flavor it with a piece of butter. Fats will add satiety to porridge and generally have a positive effect on health.

Dried fruits

Another not obvious thing: there is a lot of sugar in dried fruits (namely fructose turned into fats), and you need to eat them not on an empty stomach, but after the first meal. Better to take fresh or frozen berries.

Nut-chocolate spreads

We think everything is clear here: such pasta is a real sugar bomb, which not only settles in the form of extra centimeters on the hips and waist, but also – if you eat porridge on an empty stomach – it can cause insulin resistance. Do you like pasta? Don’t deprive yourself of a sandwich with her. But not on an empty stomach!

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White and brown cane sugar are equally unhealthy for breakfast, and manufacturers claim otherwise all day! These supplements raise (pardon the tautology) blood sugar levels, which we certainly don’t need.

artificial sweeteners

Well, you understand us, don’t you? Most types of sweeteners also raise blood sugar. So either look for an exception or don’t sweeten the porridge!

Are you sad? Don’t worry, because you can add many other goodies to the porridge!

For instance:

  • nuts
  • cocoa without sugar or dark chocolate
  • fresh fruits and berries
  • low fat cheese
  • cloves, cinnamon and generally all the spices

Believe me, this is enough to diversify breakfasts.

Photo: Olga Kudriavtseva/Unsplash

Source: The Voice Mag

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