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Will Viggo Mortensen return as Aragorn in 2026?

Will Viggo Mortensen return as Aragorn in 2026?

Will Viggo Mortensen return as Aragorn in 2026?

Aragorn, cult role for Viggo Mortensen

If Viggo Mortensen has explored different registers throughout his career, his role as Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings remains without a doubt the most iconic of his filmography. The American-Danish actor played one of the most important characters in JRR Tolkien’s universe in Peter Jackson’s trilogy released from 2001 to 2003. It is therefore twenty-one years since Viggo Mortensen no longer plays the king of Gondor and Arnor. If Peter Jackson has since returned to Middle Earth for the trilogy The Hobbit, Aragorn did not appear there. However, the actor maybe not finished with this cult character.

The actor is ready to play the character again under certain conditions

After FallingViggo Mortensen recently directed his second feature film, Until the end of the world. He is currently promoting it. This is why he gave an interview to the British version of GQ. The magazine took the opportunity to ask him if he was ready replay Aragorn in the future The Hunt for Gollum. And the actor explained ithe was actually willing if it was warranted for his character to appear there:

I don’t know exactly what the story of this film will be, I haven’t heard about it. Maybe I’ll hear about it later. I love playing this character. I learned a lot by playing it. And I really enjoyed doing it. I would only do it if it worked at the age I am now. And only if it worked for the character. It would be stupid to do it any other way.

Now 65, Viggo Mortensen wonders if he’ll be able to play Aragorn again. And whether the character will have a justified place in the plot of The Hunt for Gollum. But if so, we could therefore see him once again incarnate the descendant of Isildur.

What will he say The Hunt for Gollum ?

As a reminder, The Hunt for Gollum is part of new films in the universe of Lord of the Rings in preparation for. Andy Serkis will direct this film as well as play the main character. The plot of the film could take place when Gandalf tasks Aragorn with finding Gollum to ask him questions about the One Ring. The film is scheduled for 2026. Before that, the animated film The Rohirrim War will arrive in theaters French on 11 December 2024. For his part, waiting to perhaps immerse himself again in the universe created by JRR Tolkien, Viggo Mortensen returns to the cinema with Until the end of the world. The film he directed and starred in has been released 1um last May In France.

Source: Cine Serie

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