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15 years later, this great success by Sophie Marceau will have a sequel

15 years later, this great success by Sophie Marceau will have a sequel

15 years later, this great success by Sophie Marceau will have a sequel

LOL : a sequel 15 years later for the phenomenon

For the youth of the 80s yes The party (1980) and its sequel (1982), which honored Sophie Marceau. Almost 30 years later, the actress appeared again to young audiences, but this time in the role of a mother Laugh out loud) (2009). A film in line with the two works mentioned above (you can even feel it reality by Richard Sanderson), in which Sophie Marceau plays alongside Christa Theret. The latter plays Lolaa teenager who leads a very complicated life, between her heart problems and her mother (Sophie Marceau) who no longer understands her.

Without being very original, Lisa Azuelos’ film managed to find its audience, attracting none other than 3.6 million viewers during its release in theaters. A real success that allowed to reveal Christa Theret and other young performers such as Jérémy Kapone, Lou Lesage or Félix Moati (who we have seen more since then). However, despite this huge success, Lisa Azuelos did not make a sequel. Laugh out loud)proposing instead an american remake from his film (2012). However, 15 years later, the director finally seems determined to make a film LOL2.

“It was obvious”

This is what he revealed in his podcast where he welcomed one of his former actors, Jérémy Kapone. The director took the opportunity to discuss several topics with him, including the fact that he did not continue for long with this voice LOL. Lisa Azuelos later claimed that she did so I have already written the script for the sequel and Jérémy Kapone has confirmed that he is ready to participate in this new adventure.

It was always obvious that we were going to do the sequel.“said Jérémy Kapone, before Lisa Azuelos added:

A generation ago LOL. I see it on Instagram, as soon as I talk about it I get told “please follow me”. I feel like it will do good. And then I have things to say.

At the moment there is only a screenplay by Lisa Azuelos and we do not know if Sophie Marceau and Christa Theret have already been able to talk about it with the director. We also do not know if the director has contacted the producers. However, given the success of the first film, we can imagine that it will not be too difficult to find financing. Fans of LOL Now we can hope that the project will be implemented quickly.

Source: Cine Serie

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