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Pat Rosson, a child actor on “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Married Young”, has died at age 69.

Pat Rosson, son and grandson of filmmakers who appeared The Andy Griffith Show, the twilight zone and novels young married He died as a child actor in the 1960s. He was 69 years old.

Rosson died on April 28 of a heart attack in Los Angeles, said his daughter, Maria Delilah Rosson. the hollywood reporter.

in “Runaway Kid”, which premiered in November 1960 as the sixth episode on CBS. The Andy Griffith ShowRawson played George “Tex” Foley, whose circumstances teach Opie (Ron Howard) a lesson in trust and keeping promises.

A month later, it appeared on CBS. the twilight zone In the season two episode “A Night of Meekness,” Art Carney played the hapless department store Santa Claus.

on ABC young married In 1965-66, Rawson played Jerry Carr, a young man in custody between his biological mother Susan Garrett (Peggy McKay) and his adoptive mother, actress Lena Gilroy (Norma Connolly).

Rosson was born Los Angeles, July 20, 1952. His late younger brother Eddie Rosson (It’s a crazy crazy crazy world, Runamuk Camp), was also a child actor.

His father Edward Rosson worked as a director of photography. White lighting (1973) and love at first bite (1979) and her mother, Lily Rosson, was an actress who had small roles north northwest, some came running s The Adventures of Oz and Harriet.

His grandfather, Harold Rosson, was a five-time Oscar-nominated cinematographer, known for his work in film. the witch of the day (1939) and a song in the rain (1952).

Pat Rosson with another child actor and Art Carney in the 1960 Twilight Zone episode “Twilight Night”

Courtesy of the Rawson family

Pat Rosson also reunited with Frank Sinatra (and other kids) for the 1959 broadcast of “High Hopes” and appeared with his godfather, actor Paul Piccerny. untouchables in 1962.

was also involved threat of power, ben casey, my three children, hazel color s the monsters (with a walkie-talkie in the 1965 episode “If the Martian Answers, Hang Up”) and in the movies The wonderful world of the Brothers Grimm (1962) and johnny is great (1963).

He later attended Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks and worked in the real estate industry.

In addition to his daughter, he is survived by his wife, Ruth; and Krista; nephews Troy and Toby; and niece Sofia.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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