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‘Ted Lasso’ Sarah Niles explains why playing Dr. Sharon Fieldstone Was ‘One Of The Toughest Roles’ She’s Ever Played


For British actress Sarah Niles, therapist Sharon Fieldstone ted’s bow It was one of the most difficult roles of her career. The job was in the midst of a pandemic and the role came to her because she hoped to do more comedy after serious work. I can destroy you Also a role in Anton Chekhov’s version of the play. Three sisters Located in Nigeria. He admits he wasn’t looking ted’s bow Before your audition, prepare yourself that the second season won’t be as upbeat as the first.

Instead, she sheds light on Ted’s (Jason Sudeick) mental health struggles, and Niles plays the therapist who finally manages to break through Ted’s upbeat, smart-ass surface to reveal what lies beneath. Niles says she enjoyed her time on the show and that she and Sudeikis worked well together to prepare for the therapeutic scenes they shared.

“Jason kindly taught me to say, ‘Just trust what you’re doing,'” says Niles. THR. “Sharon is probably one of the toughest roles I’ve ever played. That calm, that calm and also such a confident and strong character… It’s a balancing act to let her show that truth and affection, and resist someone who is positive and light-hearted, but not too harsh.”

Jason Sudeikis and Sarah Niles on Apple TV+ Season 2 Ted Lasso.

Courtesy of Apple TV+

ted’s bow The show also highlights its female characters and friendships, particularly Hannah Waddingham’s Rebecca Welton and Juno Temple’s Kaylee Jones. (Niles and her co-stars Temple and Waddingham earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.) However, these women are initially unclear, and Niles feels the same way about Dr. Fieldstone, who he may know. At first tense and emotionless: “[Rebecca] She looks like a tall, strong woman and you feel like she’s a bullied woman. He is insecure and tries to find agency and find his own space. As women, we often don’t get the chance to say we’re good at something without feeling like it might bring us back. It was very important to find a place with this character and [Sharon] It is wonderful. He is black, British and single. He has no loved ones to smooth his rough edges.”

Playing an on-screen therapist came with pressure to “do it right,” says Niles, adding that she also feels a personal connection to the role. He himself is undergoing treatment, and family and friends have died during the pandemic, a time when mental health conversations have increased. “I’ve always been very fond of mental health,” he says. “When you talk about athleticism, they think it’s about physical strength, but it’s also important to have that mental strength to do your best work. But I also had to trust my abilities, put my insecurities aside and move on. Love, care and vulnerability are very important. “

About Dr. Fieldstone, Niles says, “I love this character and he taught me to trust myself, warts and all. I feel like I can do so much more and I’m really excited.”

This story first appeared in the separate August issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Source: Hollywood Reporter



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