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Let’s rob the Duce – Here’s the trailer for the Italian Netflix film that premiered at the Rome Film Fest


Netflix today released the first official trailer for the film Let’s rob the Ducedirect film from Renato De Maria (director of “Lo Spietato”). The film will be released on Rome Film Festival and will arrive on the streaming platform on October 26, 2022.

Milan, April 1945. We are at the end of the Second World War. The city is in ruins. In the turmoil of war Island he became the king of the black market, guided by a single moral law: survival. Yvonne is his clandestine girlfriend, singer of Cabiria, the only night club still open in the city. But also Borsalino, fascist hierarch, merciless torturer, is furious with Yvonne and is ready to do anything to get her. Isola and his men intercepted an encrypted communication and discovered that Mussolini he hid his enormous wealth in Milan itself – in the “Black Zone” – while waiting to flee to Switzerland, escaping capture and the gallows. Isola could not miss the opportunity of a lifetime – the most ambitious blow in history – and therefore decided to undertake a crazy business: rob the Duce.

Below you can check out the official movie trailer:

Directed by Renato De Maria, Rapiniamo il Duce features Pietro Castellitto, Matilda De Angelis, Tommaso Ragno, Isabella Ferrari, Alberto Astorri, Maccio Capatonda, Luigi Fedele, Coco Rebecca Edogamhe, Maurizio Lombardi, Lorenzo De Moor, Luca Lo Destro and Filippo Timi.

Below you can see the official poster of the movie:

Source: Netflix

Source: Red Capes



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