Emilia got over 25,000 people dancing and raving

It blew it up. Yes, Emilia “destroyed” the Arena stadium, in the city of Buenos Aires, with an unforgettable show for more than 25,000 fans who saw her last weekend.

With two sold-out dates, Emilia took the stage and left everyone satisfied. And with a solid argument: his talent and his grace to dazzle.

As part of the “Tú Crees en mi Tour” tour, the singer reviewed all her hits and even He had the luxury of sharing the lights with Duki, Tiago PZK, Nicki Nicole and Rusherking.

“Do you believe in me?”, “Quatre Vingt”, “La Chaine” and “As if it didn’t matter” were the most requested and acclaimed songs of the two evenings.

Today, with over 60,000 tickets already sold, Emilia prepares to continue her tour via Paraná, Mendoza, Río Cuarto, Córdoba, Rosario, La Plata, Mar del Plata, Bahía Blanca and Corrientes.

And to continue to charm everyone, of course, as he did just a few hours ago.

Source: Qmusica