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Bruce Willis is back on screens…thanks to deepfake?

Bruce Willis, who announced his retirement last March, may return to the screens thanks to deepfake technology! Explanations.

In March last year, Bruce Willis announced his retirement due to health reasons. In Die Hard, John McClane’s mythical interpreter suffers from aphasia. It is a language disorder ranging from difficulty finding words to a complete loss of the ability to express oneself.

It is caused by brain damage, most of which is caused by a stroke. Recovery depends on the severity of the injury. Hence, the actor did a lot of Nanardesque action movies to keep his family poor after worshiping.

However, despite his retirement, Bruce Willis may return to the screens thanks to the deep fake technique! According to telegraph, the 67-year-old actor has allowed special effects company Deepcake to use his face for digital recreations in audiovisual creations. He is the first world star to make such a gesture.

Last year, Bruce Willis already allowed the use of a deep fake in a Russian advertisement. His face was superimposed on another comedian’s face.

“I like to draw my character accurately. It’s a great opportunity for me to return to the past. With new technologies, even if I’m on another continent, I can work and take part in filming. “This is a new and exciting experience. I thank the whole team”– said the artist in a press release.

So can we expect the return of John McClane in the near future in the digitized form of Brice Willis? Looks like we’re on our way. The achievements of this technology are quite noticeable. We saw this especially in The Mandalorian series, with Mark Hamill’s digital rejuvenation.

Meanwhile, you can find Bruce Willis in A Day To Die, available from June 22 on Prime Video. You can watch the trailer above.

The story follows a disgraced probation officer. He’s in debt to a local gang leader and is forced to pull off a series of dangerous heists in twelve hours to pay off his two million dollar debt, rescue his kidnapped pregnant wife, and settle scores with the city’s corrupt police. , who work with the gang leader and betrayed him years ago.

Source: allocine

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