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Soledad flew high on a magical night…

Fly high Every time more. And that’s no way to put it. Solitude not only did he break it, last weekend, during his presentation at the Arena: he also became the first artist to “fly” by the imposing stadium located in the Villa Crespo district.

How was it? So how to read. In her fifth sold-out show, Soledad appeared across the stage on an elevated platform, surprising her audience not just because of her position, but because she did it while performing “Sigo Siendo yo”, one of his songs, with his guitar, more autobiographical.

And when finished, with thousands of eyes trying to guess their next steps, the singer made the first flight in Arena Stadium history: above the audience in the stalls towards a large staircase which awaited them on stage, at a distance of nearly 30 meters.

It was just the start of an unforgettable evening. And a first-class show, with impeccable lighting, with screens over 15 meters high, musicians and dancers who perfectly accompanied the actress born in Arequito.

Pure sympathy and humility, Soledad thanked life, his audience, his homeland and his family, who accompanied her all night, like her sister Natalia Pastorutti.

And that wasn’t the only surprise. There were also special guests like Agus and Maxi from MYA and Karina.

Everything to end a unique moment. Where the Sole has demonstrated, once again, that it flies higher and higher…

Source: Qmusica

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