Paulo Londra and Feid break everything with the premiere of “A Veces”

Promised and delivered: Paulo Londra has teamed up with his friend Feid, one of the most requested artists of the moment, to present “A Veces”, his new single.

Produced by Federico Vindver, “A Veces” is a song that carries the strength of a rhythm of
classic reggaeton with strong percussive elements which highlights this collaboration between Argentina and Colombia.

Throughout the song, the essence of Paulo and Frexxo is perfectly showcased. Between bars of the theme, the two artists weave a story of longing for their love interests, who once felt the same for them, and now everything is different, including their feelings.

This collaboration comes after a few months filled with stellar releases from the Cordovan, who a few weeks ago created “Party En El Barrio” with Duki, creating an epic song by two of the greatest exponents of the Latin music scene.

Previously, he had already broken barriers by releasing “Noche de Novela” with (nothing more and nothing less than…) Ed Sheeran, who followed in the footsteps of his long-awaited solo release, “Julieta”.

Through the scenes of the video for “A Veces”, shot in Miami, FL and directed by Ballve,
you can see Paulo and Feid in their daily life, creating magic in the recording studio.

Source: Qmusica