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As if the wagons were unloading: 3 main causes of fatigue after a long sleep

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Have you slept for 8 hours or more, but still woken up tired? This anomaly can be explained by several reasons. Let’s find out together!

If you sleep a sufficient number of hours a day, but still wake up broken and feel bad mentally and physically all day, there is an urgent need to do something about it. The only reliable way to eradicate a problem is to address its root cause. And such fatigue immediately after waking up can have several. Remember the 3 main ones.

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Accumulation of adenosine in the brain

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The last hours before waking up, people go into REM sleep, the main feature of which is increased brain activity. Purely visually, this can be determined by the rapid movements of the sleeping person’s eyeballs.

It is in this phase that the brain consumes an impressive quantity of adenosine triphosphate, source and vector of energy in the cells. How does this relate to our broken state immediately after waking up? The fact is that adenosine suppresses alertness and attention, and also stimulates sleep.

Sleep late

If you are a night owl and usually go to bed after midnight, this will also affect sleep quality. Waking up at night affects the hippocampus, which in turn is responsible for our emotions, memory, and attention. Late bedtime not only prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep, but also helps reduce learning and memory loss. So watch out for the larks and change your habits!

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Lack of sugar

The last meal before going to bed also influences its quality. Based on several studies,
eating sweets before bed can improve the condition in the morning. This does not mean that you should overeat sweets and cakes and immediately run to a warm bed. However, you must understand that strict diets with a minimum reduction of sugar in the diet can eventually lead you to sleep disorder.

Photo: Poonam Dhiman/Unsplash

Source: The Voice Mag

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